Explore App – Landing Page Design Proces

As part of my marketing and promotional plan for my Explore App application was creation a landing page to give another gateway with access to my application and to increase my SEO network and positioning in google search engine.
When researching trends in mobile app landing pages I was looking for inspiration for a design that represents focus and minimalism in the design process.
Here are few examples that give me indications of current trends and the way how designers solve this landing pages promotional pages.


I like this simple minimalistic approach with the focus on actual application screen and few short brief information about products and links to portals where we can get our application. there is no need for the navigation bar, for any additional information.


Here is another example of a similar approach with product showcase on left side of the screen and a short description on the right side of the screen. With a link to Appstore.

focuse and minimalizm

That’s another example of the similar approach on the main page.

For the additional information pages, I decide to take an approach similar to this presented in this example.


I liked the idea of having constant access to a place where we can download our application on left side of the screen that is strongly divided from main content that showcases application functionalities and purpose.

Taking this into consideration I lunch Balsamiq and start creating first design solutions for my landing page website.

I decide to choose this type of design for my landing page New Mockup 1

and secondary page will look like this

New Mockup 2.png

in the later stage of the design, I took into consideration some additional information and I decide to add additional links that will connect  Facebook Instagram Twiter and give some additional contact information for customers.

My final photoshop design had a few different variations. I was considering using colorful backgrounds and images but I decide to stick with minimalistic approach matching my approach when designing my application with the focus on content and on functionalities ( I think Bauhaus play a big role in my approach ).

front page

and secondary pages

secondary pages




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