Bootstrap, Foundation and Materialize

As part of my marketing plan, I decide to create a landing page for my application where all other mediums will be connected and the one place where you have access to all related portals connected to Explore App project.
Currently on the market is there is three leading website framework
Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialized. Before I decide to choose one of them I decide to learn more about them and here I will summarize my finding and my final choice of my landing page framework.


bootstrapIt is the most popular framework on the market at this moment it’s probably one of the oldest. Currently, Bootstrap version is the 3rd edition of this framework and there is known that there will be new 4th edition coming soon which can bring Bootstrap to its popularity once again.
When I check work created by this specific framework or I decide to create something by myself it was fairly easy to understand basic of the grid elements that are available will satisfy most of the users that want to create not to Sufi siccate websites. Bootstrap have few characteristics that when you learn them you can easily recognize that this specific website was made by Bootstrap.
This framework uses Glyphicons as the main source of Icons in the framework which are a solid collection of most commonly used basic icons.
Javascript library gives you few but useful tools in your toolbelts such as Carousel Dropdowns Modals and transitions to enhance your website with interactivity.
Even when Bootstrap is a solid and most popular framework in the market and probably I’m most familiar with this framework I decide to create my website with the framework I never use before so I said NO to bootstrap this time.


apple-touch-icon-152x152Google newest creation in website framework market.
During my design process of my application, I was directed to read and learn more about Google Material Design documentation where I learn many useful and practical solutions in modern design trends and solid design principles.
Materialized is in some sort an extension of what I learned in Material Desing and is ready to go framework that you can transfer you design solution into your development of the website.
Since I decide to design with Google Material Design directions and suggestion to some common design problems my decision about choosing Materialized was and obvious choice even I never choose this framework before and I know I have to learn all small nuances of this specific build.
When I start reading the documentation I compare all of it to Bootstrap which was my previous favorite tool.

I know I have to learn more about this framework I just summarize few thinks that I liked so far in this construction.

  • CSS Grid is solid standard 12 columns solution that are popular in modern web development
  • Colors are very well described and give you easy variations of each of the chosen color pallet with specific classes added to your text.
  • JavaScript library is a solid collection of items that you would like to use in most modern websites such as Parallax, Dialogs, Media, SideNav, Transition and much more.
  • Components are useful and well design with Google Design Materials in the heart.
  • Forms are designed in more popular this days way without border around them and with small animations





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