Social Media Campaings

Researching social media campaigns for other travel-related applications and web applications I learn that this platforms are fundamental in driven traffic and promoting applications and websites. By generating right content and selecting carefully specific groups we can craft and create a right content to bring the attention of our desired customers.
Thinking about my social media marketing strategy I was thinking about which platform promote travel related content and how to get the attention of users potentially interested in using my Explore App application.
I decide that most suitable platforms will be Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and below I will explain role and function that each of this platform will take part in overall social marketing strategy.


Facebook is the most popular social network on the market and encompasses all demographics which give us allot of power when creating advertisement campaigns. The main purpose of facebook page would be to present interesting travel related content and bring the attention of our potential users to interact with our page and create higher chance to download and try our mobile application. Between travel related product we would like to present our product and advertise it to our customers. Summarize it our facebook page would be a travel related website that will circulate around Explore App functionalities and promote it as the main tool to achieve this desired functionalities during user travels.


Twitter as the second-ranked by 63.5 percent of respondents ranked among the top three ROI drivers will be our obvious choice as the platform to promote our application. This powerful tool allows us to reach and support our core platform (Facebook) and reach and develop bigger users base. Twitter will be use as a platform where we would like to link our facebook content, inform users about our new futures added to our application and finally news in company development.

Instagram as our 3rd option to increase our traffic and customer base. This platform will focus on presenting visual content showing and describing some interesting and unique tourist attractions in form of beautiful photos.

Use of Facebook Insights will allow us to pre plan right timing of posting content to reach the higher number of post view and maximizing our post view range.



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