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front page for development


After I have decided what framework I will use as my base for my website construction and after I decided on my final design approach it is the time to start writing code and putting all of this together.
Taking into consideration my design solutions and minimalistic form of my design I make a choice to create a website with the use of fullPage.js where we will slide to another full with full height page.
My main screen will be divided into 2 columns with the same size and my secondary pages will be divided into 3 columns. I still consider the use of slider as a tool to present more content on the same page and final decision will be made after consultations and testing with users.

1. As additional function to go to another page I decide to add button scroll down with simple animation that will indicate to scroll down for more information and will allow users without scroll function or in any other circumstance go to next page.

2.Since I decide to not use the standard navigation bar on desktop or mobile version I will use my social buttons bars as my place where I gather main links.
For my contact forms, I will use standard materialized solution.

3. I make a decision to place go back to top button in the right bottom fixed position of the website window that allows you fast and easy comeback to the landing page of my website.
4.Contact forms will be placed in a modal window and additional contact information will be stored there.



For fonts, I decide to use Google fonts as a provider of fonts and similar to my Mobile app design I decide to go with Roboto and Lato fonts as the main typography on the website.





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